Service Case

International Generation& Influencer Generation

Create no-boundary marketing promotion

Service Case

International Generation& Influencer Generation

Create no-boundary marketing promotion

Do you know how to show your strength on all the platforms?

MATE integrates all the forms of different platforms for you. Over thousands of brand collaborations enable you not only to find the best way to promote, but also the target audience. 

KOL (Key Opinion Leader)

People who are highly popular & influential in the field of self-media in a specific field

In the generation of information explosion and self-media, the influence and benefit KOL can bring is 

considerable, which makes them play important roles in marketing strategy. KOL is the key element for brands to raise an impression and traffic.

KOL cooperation is usually conducted through customized projects. The brands will be able to choose the style, contents, expectations…etc., and MATE will integrate suitable candidates for brands to select, meeting the expectation of perfect promotion and impression.

KOC (Key Opinion Customer)

Powerful impression & Engagement rate

Although KOC do not have as many followers as KOL, they do cultivate relationships with their loyal audience by sharing experiences. Using the power of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Marketing(eWOMM), KOC could make a considerable conversion rate and impression. Therefore, many brands would like to cooperate with them.

KOC cooperation is usually conducted by free registration through the platform. There are more than 10 thousand influential KOC candidates, including a variety of style, realm and type. 

Through free registration, different types of candidates can compete for the opportunity. In the meantime, the brand could get multiple choices.

The most influential social media

One of the most influential social medias nowadays.

Regardless of post, story or reels, all of which are flexible and various. The brands can choose the best way to expose their product.

The most beneficial social media

Through the transmission of audio and video, YouTube profits could be up to 10 more billion. Furthermore, the brand can present the product to the audience clearly in this way, which can also broaden the overseas market more effectively. By the influence of influencers, they are able to maximize exposure.






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